Who am I?

In 2011, I began my professional career with a domestic real estate construction company's shopping mall and urban development construction project. Since then, I have worked in various positions, starting as a occupational health and safety technician, progressing to roles as occupational health and safety supervisor for C1-C2-C3 areas, and eventually assuming the position of general occupational health and safety supervisor. Subsequently, I focused on roles related to environmental health, safety coordination.

To obtain my occupational health and safety expertise certification, I worked in workplaces associated with the appropriate hazard class and served as an occupational health and safety specialist in numerous domestic and foreign-capitalized companies.

I successfully managed occupational health and safety processes during inspections by inspection boards, customer audits, insurance company audits, and inspections conducted by public institutions related to workplace operating permits. Additionally, I took responsibility for establishing workplace order in compliance with the legal regulations of the Republic of Turkey, organizing Occupational Health and Safety Board activities, coordinating Risk Assessment studies, preparing relevant procedures, and ensuring machine safety.

My responsibilities also included the preparation of occupational health and safety instructions, creation of documentation for occupational health and safety training, delivery of relevant training sessions, development and selection of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) risk maps, organization and monitoring of equipment subject to periodic inspection, conducting field inspections, and establishing a continuous and sustainable occupational health and safety perspective. I also briefly held the position of OSGB (Occupational Health and Safety Specialist) responsible management and later continued to work in the EHS departments of large organizations.

I conducted studies on the evaluation of equipment used in potentially explosive atmospheres, preparation of explosion protection documents in accordance with TS EN 60079-10-1 and TS EN 60079-02 standards, evaluation in compliance with ATEX directives, and assessment of equipment used in relevant areas.

The increasing efforts and awareness in the field of occupational health and safety in Turkey are encouraging developments. Ensuring safety in workplaces is not only a legal obligation but also crucial for protecting the lives of employees and ensuring the sustainability of workplaces.

Particular emphasis should be placed on prioritizing occupational health and safety in the construction, manufacturing, logistics, and energy sectors. Inevitable consequences arise when there are deficiencies in occupational health and safety, leading to significant damages for both employees and workplaces.

It is crucial to remember that efforts in occupational health and safety are not just a legal obligation but also an investment. By ensuring occupational health and safety in workplaces, numerous benefits can be achieved, including the reduction of workplace accidents, increased morale and motivation of employees, enhanced productivity, and the sustainability of workplaces.

The ongoing efforts in the field of occupational health and safety in Turkey are an important step in protecting the lives of employees and creating a safer work environment. In addition to legal regulations, workplaces need to adopt a proactive approach, and employees must be conscious of occupational health and safety. As a dedicated environmental health and safety volunteer committed to this mission and vision, I continue to contribute consistently in this field.